Who are Wormuth Dairy and what do we do?

Ray Wormuth started the business in 1960. His son, David Wormuth followed in his footsteps (second generation) in 1978. Danielle Case (third generation) joined the team in 2014 as the Office Manager. Ryan Wormuth (third generation) joined the team in 2017 as a Service and Installation Technician.  Wormuth Dairy has an additional five Service and Installation Technicians, one sanitation technician, and one additional office assistant to meet the needs of all customers.

Where do we get our parts?

Wormuth Dairy works closely with GEA and Mueller to get the highest quality parts for customers.


What is the purpose of Wormuth Dairy?

The purpose of this company is to bring quality services to dairymen within our area, help provide high quality milk through service & supplies, and provide a knowledgeable & highly reliable service to our customers. Wormuth Dairy repairs milking and cooling equipment along with providing dairy hygiene supplies. If you are looking to update or upgrade your current equipment  Wormuth Dairy can assist with that too.

Why does Wormuth Dairy exist?

Wormuth Dairy maintains a large inventory to maintain the dairymen in the area. We help maintain the farmers equipment and install new equipment for them. We are a dealer in this area to sell and maintain Westfalia Surge products.

Why choose Wormuth Dairy?

There are many reasons to choose Wormuth Dairy. Service is our number one priority for our customer. We are on call 24/7 for emergencies. We maintain routes all across our work area to provide quality supplies to our customers. We have many servicemen that are proficient in many areas. This allows us to send the best fit serviceman to the farm to fix that problem. Dave provides a significant amount of experience to Wormuth Dairy. Dave is knowledgeable in many fields so he can provide efficient advice and can talk a dairymen through a problem over the phone. Wormuth Dairy is committed to selling only high quality products that benefit the customers.

What are the core values of Wormuth Dairy

Wormuth Dairy has had values integrated into it during its many years of operation. Family is an important value as Wormuth Dairy is a family run business. Safety in our work and quality of our work is considered an essential thing. We provide top quality work and consider all safety issues and will fix them or inform the farmer of possible issues. Wormuth Dairy maintains positive customer relations with the farmers we work with. We also maintain a professional image at all times. Wormuth Dairy displays honesty, reliability, and quality. We will provide honest opinions of equipment condition and the best options for changing equipment. We are reliable. We will do our best to fix the issue and will show up when called outside of our business hours. Quality is the most important value. We will provide quality repairs, replacements, and provide the best equipment that we can.